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Meet OLAPLEX – The Revolutionary Hair Color Additive Coveted By Sought-After Celebrity Stylists Changing The Game For Clients
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Whether Added To Base Color, Blonde Highlights, Balayage Or Ombre; OLAPLEX Strengthens The Hair While Making Color Last Longer
Official OLAPLEX Hair Treatment Salon in NYC. Best #OLAPLEX Highlights Salon NYC
OLAPLEX Has Been Used Thousands Of Times Around The Country And The Results Speak For Themselves – Nothing Short Of Amazing

OLAPLEX Hair Treatment

Best OLAPLEX Hair Salons NYC. Best OLAPLEX Treatment Salons NYC. Best OLAPLEX Hair Treatment Salon NYC. Best OLAPLEX Treatment Certified Salons NYC. ARYA HAIR SALON NYC is Certified and an Official OLAPLEX hair salons NYC! We are the best OLAPLEX treatment salon NYC and best OLAPLEX hair treatment salons NYC! Damaged hair? Over-processed hair? Too much breakage? OLAPLEX can help!

Meet OLAPLEX – the revolutionary hair color additive coveted by sought-after celebrity stylists, changing the game for hair professionals and color junkies alike. While traditional hair color penetrates the shaft and alters the bond structure of the strand, OLAPLEX utilizes polymers (the same used in transplant surgery to prevent rejection) to maintain bond structure throughout the process, leaving strands in their natural state from start to finish, resulting in ZERO damage and longer-lasting color. This one ingredient changes everything.

olaplex hair salons nyc

It allows our stylists to use color in lightener in new ways, pushing the boundaries out further than ever before. Whether added to base color, blonde highlights, balayage or ombre; OLAPLEX strengthens the hair while making color last longer and remain vibrant. ARYA SALON NEW YORK CITY, is a Certified OLAPLEX Hair Salon in NYC!

OLAPLEX has been used thousands of times around the country and the results speak for themselves – the look is nothing short of amazing. The only mistake you can make is using too much OLAPLEX – and the only “side effect” of using too much is the processing time climbs and climbs. The hair can never be damaged through the use of OLAPLEX!

The hair coloring process doesn’t change much when you include the use of OLAPLEX. Your stylist will start by mixing the chosen color or lightener and then add the OLAPLEX Bond Multiplier No. 1 to the mixed color. Your stylist will then rinse the color from your hair and apply the OLAPLEX Bond Perfector No. 2 for a minimum of 5 minutes. After the passage of time, the stylist can then rinse, shampoo and condition your newly colored hair – or you can choose to leave it in the hair as a cutting lotion! The final step is the purchase of OLAPLEX Hair Perfector No. 3 to use once a week at home to further strengthen your hair.


The restorative effects of OLAPLEX are dramatic and they last since the results are based upon strengthened natural bonds within the hair shaft itself. It isn’t just a coating or a conditioner – it fundamentally changes the chemical composition of your hair, repairing the damage naturally encountered during the coloring or lightening processes and from everyday environmental stresses. One of the common concerns revolves around whether OLAPLEX “builds up” in the hair, resulting in more resistant color applications in the future. The answer is no – the hair becomes healthier by returning to a more naturally undamaged state; it doesn’t inhibit future attempts to color or lighten the hair.

Technically speaking, OLAPLEX reconnects broken disulfide bonds in the hair. The breakages in the bonds occur when hair is exposed to chemicals in color and lighteners, from heat exposure to blowdryers and irons and from the mechanical forces common to salon visits like the combing of wet hair.



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