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Foliage Highlights

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So, what is foliage and how is it different from balayage? And, most importantly, which one is right for you?

Nowadays, it must feel like there is a new hair term every other day. But we’ll be honest, foliage highlights & balayage highlights is the hottest trend!

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At ARYA SALON NYC, our hair colorists are all L’Oreal Professional Certified & Educators. Let’s take a more in-depth look at foliage. We now know that after your stylist paints bleach onto your mid-lengths and ends, that they will place foils into the hair. But why do they do this?

When bleach is applied and left on the hair, it breaks down and removes the pigment in your hair to reveal a lighter shade. However, bleach becomes less active as it begins to dry out, so after a while, your hair will stop processing.

If you already have naturally light hair, then this might be enough to lift your hair to your desired lightness. However, for those with darker or stubborn hair that is harder to lift, foils make life a lot easier. They keep the heat from your bleach trapped, which prevents it from drying out as quickly so it can process your hair quicker and for longer.

Therefore, we’re able to lift your hair to a lighter shade, and both you and your stylist are happy!


Originating from France, the term balayage comes from the French word “balayage” which translates to “sweep”, and this is exactly what a balayage involves. We use freehand to paint bleach or color onto the hair to create a seamless gradient from root to end.

This technique also means we can get more creative and give you an entirely bespoke look. Unlike highlights or foliage, there are no foils involved with a balayage, so your results are that of an artist.


When looking at the results of a foilyage and balayage side by side, you’ll only notice a few differences. That being, a foilyage will look a lot brighter and a tad closer to the results of highlighting.

This all comes down to differences in the technique. Balayage involves sweeping lightener down the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to create that beautifully blended look we all know and love. Foilyage involves the same sweeping method, however, sections of hair are wrapped in foil instead of being left to air dry.


After finding out what each technique entails, you might be wondering whether a foliage/foilyage or balayage will be right for you.

Since the different techniques involve lifting the hair with bleach, your stylist will be able to advise you on the most suitable method by simply assessing your hair when you sit down. However, you might want an idea of which one your stylist will use.

If you have very dark or previously colored hair, then expect your stylist to suggest a foliage. As mentioned, this just ensures your hair can be lifted effectively. But generally, if you’d like really light ends or like the more ‘highlighted’ look, then a foliage is perfect for you.

Balayage tends to look more natural as your roots and ends won’t be drastically different. The subtle lightness is the perfect way to elevate your look, especially if you’re already blonde, brunette or ginger.

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